Friday, November 19, 2004

It's very cold today, but....

Protein structure (I research ADLH2's structure, but it may be not correct... I will find the answer later!!)Posted by Hello
Today, I investigated my genotype of ALDH2. The result was・・・I probably have both wild and mutant types!! I can drink better than I had expected. (゚Д゚)
By the way, I'm going to become 22 years old very soon!! I wish it will be sunny tomorrow(*´ー`) In these days, I' m not satisfied, because I lack drive to do my studies, club activity, and housework. I finish these lazy days!!, for I am 22.(*^_^*)
It's very cold today, winter is coming. I didn't like this season before, but now, I like it . I feel warm feeling of my boy friend, friends of mine, and my parents. I want to be a kind person... it is my hope. (^.^)
 I'm looking forward to go to SANNOMIYA tomorrow. I will enjoy my 22th birthdayヽ(´ー`)ノ