Thursday, December 09, 2004

I feel tired・・・

  • I spend free time like this↓ Posted by Hello
  • I spend lazy winter days. Why I have no enthusiasm about anything? Surely, I am not good condition, it is one of the reason, but I have some things to do. I know that I bother my friends, and seniors. Do I need to feel refleshed by changing my life style? I have no idea!! Thus, I wait until I want to do.
  • I have my favorite musician. It is "westlife". The members are five young men from Ireland. When I studied for enter exam of the university, I listen their song by accident. I was so moved by the harmony. One week ago, I found new westlife's album. Immediately, I listen the songs and I almost cried in spite of myself. I don't know why I was so impressed, but these songs encourage me.
  • Tommorow, as I said before, I will sing at Christmas party at KSC at 7:30 PM. There are many foods and music!! It must be good partyヽ(´ー`)ノ