Monday, December 13, 2004

I watched a movie, the title is・・・

Howl's moving castle Posted by Hello
2 days ago, I went to the a movie theater. I like watching movies, but I always choose the movies whether I watch them in the theater or wait until I can rental the videos, because I must pay 1500 yen for a movie when I watch it in the theater. I always consider whether the movie is valuable to watch in the theater. Do you think I am a stingy person? (゚Д゚)

By the way , I watched Hoewl's moving castle. This is called one of the Miyazaki animation. I like Miyazaki animation, because the pictures are very beautiful, and the story tells me how the nature is important and how difficult to live. I think all Japanese watch at least one movie of Miyazaki animation. I was looking forward to watching this movie. The main character is a girl who lives plainly, but one day, she was put a curse by a which and she became a 90 years old!! If I became 90 years old, I would lost willpower to live, but she lives positively. She become a powerful old lady! That's amazing(゜Д゜)!! Furthermore, she loves a cool wizard, his name is Howl. The movie taught me how important to love someone, and be proud of myself. I can't be proud of myself, I always cpmplain about me, but I should accept myself. If I accept myself, I will be able to accept others too.ヽ(´ー`)ノ I believe I can do that someday♪