Monday, December 20, 2004

I enjoy Christmas concert♪

Christmas concert Posted by Hello

1 years ago, I became the directer of KGBC, the gospel club in KSC, and I'm going to retiring this position. I like this christmas concert, because about 100 people sing together. Look at the left picture, you can imagine how powerful the voices are. The right picture shows the member of KGBC. I like them very much. I'm proud of them. I will retire with 5 members. Today's concert is important for us, because this is the last chance to sing with the members. I'm glad, for they came there to sing and share the time, though they are busy. Furthermore, the siniors gave me some flowers, and it makes me happy and lonely. I recognize that I'm leaving KGBC, but I'm not sad because I have such good members.