Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Let's begin English blog!!

I went to 2 gospel parties♪

  • First, my seniors graduated the university. Congratulations!! All of them are going to members of society. Some of them are going to leave this area, and start living by their selves. I don't think it is easy to be accustomed to new surroundings, but I believe that they are very strong and tough !! GOOD LUCK ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  • Second, the big gospel party took place in Osaka. I retired the gospel club in the university last year, but I was offered to sing together. It was the first stage for the new director to direct at such a big party. I think the stage was good!! The members of the club will improve their skills in this year. Do communicate with each other!!!! Do more practice!!!! You can enjoy singing more and gather new members.

Today, I go to school...

  • I began my own experiment, but It take 2 days to finish the reaction. Thus, I had nothing to do in the lab. Moreover, my seniors didn't come today. I had nothing to be taught, too!! After all, I read an essay a little, I went to the other lab and talk with my friends. I was idling away my time, and I become very very sleepy!! It is not good for me, because I learn many things now. I will study harder tomorrow, may be.....