Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I like cherry blossoms(*´ー`)

Cherry blossoms in Kiyomizu temple last year Posted by Hello
I like these trees, and they become most beautiful in spring. I'm looking forward to coming this season every year!! I enjoy them very much. How long do the flowers bloom? One week or two weeks? I don't know much about this, but I always think that they are gone very soon.... The news on TV said that they were blooming in west Japan. I wan look the flowers very soon, but the cherry blossoms in my area are slow to bloom, because it locates a little higher and cooler. They may bloom one or two weeks later from now. By the way, there are three reasons why I like the flowers, first the tree which become pink is very beautiful and cute. Second, the floral design is the shape of heart. Third, cherry blossoms make people happy!! We like seeing them. Sometimes, we eat, drink and chat with seeing them. In spring, most people change the environments. Thus, sometimes we feel loneliness and anxiety, but I hope that cherry blossoms will solve these problems!!!